Sunday, March 26, 2017

Melody and the Pier to Forever: Melody's First Lesson in Transforming!

From Book Two of Melody and the Pier to Forever:

He taught her how to Transform by having her climb with him all the way up to one of the many crows’ nests on the Eleysius. Maggie refused to watch any of it. “No way. I’ll bite my nails down to my knuckles. Do what you have to do; just please return my daughter to me in one piece, preferably breathing.”
Three hundred eighty feet above the deck of the flagship, and with Jade nearby, cocking her head curiously, he said: “You need to trust me. Do you trust me?”
Melody nodded uneasily, staring at him with huge eyes. The climb itself had scared her plenty, which would help him now.
“Good,” he said. “Here we go …”
And with that she floated up off her feet and over the nest’s railing.
“Whoa!” she cried. “Whoa! Wait! Wait! Mr. Conor—!”
She floated away until she was well over the water, where she stopped. She gawked down in terror.
“I’ve got you, lass,” he called out to her. “You’re going to have to trust me.”
She flailed and whimpered.
“Do you hear me, Melody?”
“Y-Yes … I don’t want to fall! Please, Mr. Conor … please bring me back. Please!
He knew she had the power to return, but he didn’t want to remind her. He needed to show her. Her trust in him was so strong that in his presence she forgot about her own Mathematical abilities. While that was very touching, he knew it couldn’t continue. She needed to learn to trust in them, especially in his presence. Tonight would be the first step towards her independence.
“Listen to me, lass. Are you listening?”
“Y-Yes … yes … whoa … whoa!Mr. Conor, please!
“You said you became a bird—a hawk, you thought—when you were trying to get off the Pier before the tsunami got to you. Do you ever wonder how you managed that?”
“Wha—?Mr. Conor, please!”
“I won’t let you get hurt. Trust me, lass. And most of all …
—… trust yourself.
And with that he released the aecxis holding her up.
Melody shrieked as she fell towards the ocean. He was ready to stop her before she struck water, but two hundred feet down there was a bright flash, and out of the dissipating aecxal ball zoomed a red-tailed hawk. She winged back up to the nest and landed on the railing and stared at him accusingly.


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