Thursday, July 27, 2017

Donald Trump Did Not Win the Election. So Stop Saying He Did. Right Now.

The past week or so has seen an all-out siege against the principles, morals, and democracy of the United States of America.

As I write this, Republicans in the Senate are working tirelessly to kill millions of Americans by ripping away their health care. Again, I'm not exaggerating here. That's literally what's going on; and that's literally going to be the consequence if they get away with it.

Trump is working tirelessly to destroy democratic institutions like the press, and today, citing a meeting with "his" generals, issued a ban on transgendered individuals serving in the US military. He gave a shocking speech to Boy Scouts eerily reminiscent of speeches Hitler gave his so-called Hitler Youth, one so vile that the head of the Boy Scouts, an oblivious numbnuts named Michael Surbaugh, has been forced to issue an apology in an effort to stem the outrage from parents who are pulling their sons out of the program left and right.

Trump has been tirelessly working to cover up the greatest crimes an incoming or sitting president has ever committed against this nation in his treasonous collusion with Russian interference in our general election last year. He is leaving this nation literally defenseless against further terrorist attacks, be they bombs or digital, because he loves his Russian golden showers, money, and bald little dictator Putin.

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.

If you are not outraged, right now, you are not welcome to visit this blog. Go away.

If you are not outraged and doing what you can, today, to resist, now matter how small you perceive those actions to be, you are not welcome to visit this blog. You are, in fact, a Trump supporter by your indifference.

I have been posting more political stuff here than usual because I must. I can't sit and be silent. I can't be a suburban. I can't be a lemming. I can't be a cog.

This blog is my little digital home. The only people welcome to visit it are those who also can't be suburbans, can't be lemmings, can't be cogs, can't be indifferent.

In other words, the only people welcome to visit it are those who would do well in the Saeire Insu.

We are standing on the very brink of extinction, my friends. If you have children, you should be doubly, triply, quadruply terrified. For Trump and the Republicans are a direct existential threat not just to you, but to your family. Indeed, the entire planet.

I wrote this essay in late April. I'm reposting it now as a strong reminder: Trump did not win the presidency. He cheated to get into the White House, and so does not deserve the title "president." So stop using that title when talking about him, and demand your friends and family stop using it as well.


A little scenario for you.

You're a white suburban soccer mom. You know, the kind that voted for Trump by a solid majority. You've got your cute emasculated little husband and a cute little home in the 'burbs and a couple cute children whose souls you're working daily on crushing utterly. In other words, a typical white suburban woman.

Let's say one of your kiddies plays for the school's soccer team. It's a strong team this year. It's favored to win the championship. Everybody thinks so.

The championship game in fact comes down to your kid's team and one that is as nasty as can be. Sadly, that team wins--just barely.

But then you find out that that team cheated. Several of its kids did not belong in the league. Too, there were multiple allegations of cheating during the game. It was clear that the refs were biased. And the players--dirty tricks galore, all of which in any other match would've been punished severely. For some reason, however, they weren't during this match.

As time goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer that that team knowingly broke the rules, and had planned to do so for a long time.

So here's my question, white suburban soccer mom who voted for Trump: Do you still say that the other team won?

No. You don't.

What typically happens in those situations is the league takes the championship trophy away from the cheating team, fires the coaches, kicks the offending players out of the league, and gives the championship to the "losing" team. Usually there are stiff sanctions levied against the offending team: they are banned from playing for several years, and their ill-gotten wins erased from the previous season, possibly more.

Donald J. Trump did not win the general election. He cheated. So did his surrogates. And now they are covering up their crimes just as quickly as they can.

So stop saying he won. Every time you say he won, you normalize his cheating. You make it okay.

He did not win. Hillary Rodham Clinton won. Period. End of sentence.

You can go back to crushing your children's souls now.


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