Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Donald Trump is Not My President!

I'VE EDITED and updated Donald Trump is Not My President. Go and take a look.

I've added some new links to journalists and entertainers who have refused to flinch in the face of grotesque evil: George Takei, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Peter Daou, to name just three. I'll add more as I learn of more.

Does it count? Does it mean anything? Of course it does. My voice may be small, may be infinitesimally tiny in fact, but I will add it to the growing throng calling for this monster's immediate impeachment. I will not be silenced.

If you are an American but aren't an active part of the Resistance, then you are a contributor to the illegitimate "presidency" of Donald J. Trump, and I ask that you stop visiting this blog. If you are an active, contributing, sane American--that is, one of the majority who voted for our true president, Hillary Clinton--then you may continue to pop by my little blog and enjoy it, and I will thank you for doing so.



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