Saturday, August 19, 2017

Demonkillers Are Trained In This Art. It's the One Melody Must Learn to Defeat Necrolius.



The aecxis for this highest of martial arts is carved in the great double doors leading into the training facilities deep inside the Kathlin Rory Carrick Castle.

Like all aecxes, the Daen-Cer-Tain evolves, changes, moves. This is just one representation of it. If you successfully complete the training, known as the Daen-Cer-Dain (with a d), you become a member of the super-elite XVI Angeli Magna Coronados, otherwise known as the Kumiyaay, and may have this aecxis tattooed upon your person if you so wish, and will receive two swords with it inscribed in the blades.

Above the great doors themselves is another inscription, this one written in the warrior dialect of Pyrrho:

Eld’ana è Tale Ror Honőry Vilylvye

which translates to:

There are no guards posted here.

Carcaryn Gellantara, one of Melody's teachers, is a Kumiyaay warrior. She's featured below. As a warrior, she's tasked with slaughtering thousand-pound killer demons. If you were such a demon, and she were this close to you, the other nine-tenths of the remaining second after seeing her would be spent collapsing into a lifeless heap.

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