Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Enjoy This Unpublished Illustration from Melody and the Pier to Forever!

The Trunk of Hinimper at the Temple Kentein Intersectum


There are many fascinating sights on Aquanus. This is definitely one of the most intriguing.

Hinimper was a Samanlainen Guardian, colloquially known as a "Pier god." He raised this enormous object several Ages ago from the Infinitum at the intersection of Ae Infinitus and the Eternitam. He also raised the structure in the foreground. It isn't a portal to the Falling Leaves, but a simple edifice for meditation and learning, one that was frequented by thousands of Aquanians before the Invasion.

Erosion has worn the Trunk down over the vast swath of time since it was first raised. The edifice next to it has also suffered. It has been kept up by humans in order to keep it safe to visit and walk into.

We are standing under the entrance of a human-built structure, one with inscribed aecxes along the right pillar, as you can see. To get a sense of the grand scale, a tall man could just reach the bottom of the lowest aecxis in the lower right-hand corner of the illustration.

In the distance are Infinitum-raised structures--three arches and one of the famous Falling Horns, atop which water, sourced aecxally, falls almost half a mile to the floor of the Temple. In the far background the Eastern Empress rises sixty-six miles into the Aquanian sky, its summit lost well above the scope of this illustration.


I spent almost five years working on this illustration. I'd leave it alone for months at a time, then come back and add tiny details, then leave it alone for another extended period. Very slowly, it came together.

That's how it works with me and illustrations. I walk away from them, then return, add a tiny bit, then walk away again. I don't forget about them during those times away; indeed, I often think of them and wonder if I will have the skill to draw what's needed next when I force myself (yes, I must force myself most of the time) to reopen the file. A lot of times I simply stare at an incomplete illustration and feel hugely intimidated for what I must add next.

My slow pace often yields very productive ideas that I would never have come up with had I pushed myself. Intimidation has its own rewards, I suppose. Patience definitely does.

Currently I'm working on illustrations for Book III of Melody, its cover, and the cover for the sixth novel in the series, which should be released sometime later in 2018!

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