Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Free Illustration from Melody and the Pier to Forever: "The Great Gyssian Arch"

The Great Gyssian Arch


THE GYSS is the southernmost land on Aquanus. It is stark and barren, snowy and cold.

It is the home of the Gyssians who, under command of the Mathematician Necrolius Anaxagorius, built a tremendous fleet of warships and sailed north to conquer the whole of Aquanus.

They achieved their nefarious goal with spectacular success.

There are four Great Arches on Aquanus. Each one rises some fifty miles into the Aquanian sky. Behind the Gyssian Arch, King Ammalinaeus reigns over all. The black line in the distance is the Eternitam, the Pier to Forever that runs north and south, not east and west as its brother Ae Infinitus does thousands of miles away.

Book One of Melody is currently free at Smashwords and associated retailers, as is its sequel, Sole Survivor: The Story of Kaza of Theseus. Not too long from now Book Two will be made free as well, then Otoro Queril: Saeire Insu Executioner. I'm making them free in celebration of the impending release of The Angel's Guardian, the fifth novel in the series.

Now is the time to catch up, if you haven't already!


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