Tuesday, April 24, 2018

From a King to His Young Hero

I wrote this for Melody, from her king.
It also appears in
For It All


(For a hero)

In that moment the light will gray.
Beyond it you will see an arch.
Fear it not.
There is nothing past it you need cower before.
It is yours to use as you see fit.
Once an instrument of supreme evil,
you may employ it for the supreme good.

Beyond it is your destiny.
But do not confuse what I am telling you.
"Beyond" and "destiny" are traps.
See them as so, and you are free to redefine them any way you please.
That is your gift.
There is no need to feint.
Besides, it is not your way.

You once cried for an angel.
See that she is you, and the tears will cease.
The light will gray.

Tell me of your moments. Share them with me.
How? 'Tis easy, my song.
Just let them change you.
In the changing I will hear your Voice,
and you mine.
And in the changing you will become,
each moment from the next,
more and more who you truly are.
That's how you'll know I'm there with you.


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