Friday, April 14, 2017

Hidden Figures: A Cinematic Triumph Over Trumpism

IT'S INSPIRING and based on true events and three African-American women who actually existed and were instrumental in getting men to the moon, and were for decades afterward completely and outrageously ignored--all because of the color of their skin and the fact that they were women.

It's also a powerful statement against Donald Trump, his caustic, brainless supporters, and his mendacious, malevolent administration.

We live in a time of great, looming evil. The very future of the human species is in doubt. Films like this one are talismans against that evil, and should be watched and watched again in order to renew hope and optimism, as well as a desire to continue the fight, just as these remarkable women did.

If you follow this blog and like it, consider this: you can lurk all you want to; you can refuse to comment or contribute all you want to; but you cannot sit on your ass when I say it isn't acceptable to. This is one of those times. You are hereby directed to watch this film at your earliest convenience, or to do absolutely everything to achieve that end. If you don't, then you are no longer welcome to visit this blog. Please go away until you have watched Hidden Figures.

Thank you.


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