Thursday, April 27, 2017

I'm Writing a Fan-Fic About Zelena from Once Upon a Time!

SHE GOT serious short-shrift on the series, which, sadly, looks like it's ending after six years.

It's my biggest complaint about Once Upon a Time: its huge, gaping, tire-popping plot holes. Including, perhaps especially, hers. Rebecca Mader's talents were seriously underutilized (as they were on Lost), and both Kye and I complain about it every time she graces the screen.

There are many other plot holes dotting the roads of many other characters: Belle, Mulan, Grumpy, Dr. Hopper, Henry ... All of them, and probably many more, deserved to have their stories told, or, in some cases, modified. Belle, for example. She and Rumple should not be together. Maybe as friends, perhaps, but not married. And Henry. He is gifted with the most powerful and potent magical power as the Author, but is shunted to the background and silly, spottily told teenaged dramas! Ridiculous!

Understand that I lob these criticisms at a show I love and will miss dearly once it goes off the air. I'm sure Kye and I will continue binge-watching it forever. But I can't let these plot holes just continue to lie there! I fully intend to fill them with the asphalt of my imagination!

The short story I've begun concerns the mysterious period of time after Zelena meets the three other witches--the ostensibly "good" ones--in Oz, and who convince her to join them. Her green skin, indicative of envy, goes away, and for an indeterminate time she becomes a "good" witch like her somewhat pious and pretentious sisters. But then Dorothy arrives, and Zelena goes green and rejects them. She becomes "wicked" once again. My short story is about that period in the middle. It endeavors to answer: Who is Zelena really? Is envy always bad? Can it be used for good? What did Zelena do besides sit at a round table with her sisters and sweetly finger the pendant they gave her?

I just started the story. I'll let you know when it's completed. In the meantime, there is plenty of other fan fiction that I've authored. Take a look!


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