Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Enjoy "Floating," a Free Selection From My Rogue Mile, Which Will Be Released Later This Year!


MEDITATION DOESN'T do it for me. The moments spent in it are in many ways indescribable. At least for me. Many people report feeling like they're floating. I'm not one of them.

Too often we report that we're just "going with the flow." In truth, what we're really saying more often than not is, "I'm just conforming and doing what everybody expects of me."

I found this leaf along the Chetco River, which empties into the sea at Brookings, Oregon. It was too pretty to pass up. I've looked at this photo often since I took it a few years ago and think about "going with the flow."

I practice tai chi chuan. It's a practice I've devoted myself to for over two decades now. Even in the middle of a form, really feeling "it"—whatever "it" is—I'm not "going with the flow." I don't even know what it means in that context.

The master does nothing,
yet he leaves nothing undone.
The ordinary man is always doing things,
yet many more are left to be done.

So sayeth the Chinese dude everybody likes to quote when they want to be seen as wise and hip and cool.

The point isn't that "the master" is "going with the flow," and so, in some odd sense, is "doing" nothing. The entire stanza comes down to that verb: to do. "The master" is, in fact, "doing" lots of stuff, some of it "going with the flow," but a lot of it not. Mostly he is living a dynamic relationship with respect to those he interacts with, and his work. It may appear to be "going with the flow," but, bottom line, it isn't that easy, simple, or obvious. If it such were so, then why aren't billions more living that kind of life?

I try to keep that uppermost in my mind (floating-not-floating) here on My Rogue Mile.


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