Thursday, May 25, 2017

From Melody and the Pier to Forever: The Flag of Galarrage

Government: Strict Monarchy
Last Known Ruler: Queen Ete Luhar IV
Land Area: (approx.) 446,000 square miles (228,000 sq. misons); Earth comparison: about the size of Morocco
Geography and Climate: Hilly, covered in temperate rainforests and two sprawling grassland plains. Northern eternitudes have heavy rainforests. Average temperatures.
Highest Point: Harvan Pt. 5,988 ft. (0.81 misons)
Eternitudes/Infinitudes (rough) With Respect to the Center of Aquanus: .0.96N to .0.29S; .1.0 to +1.09E
Capital City: Jellico; est. pre-invasion population: 558,000
Best Known For: Military, religion; ancient, secretive, martial culture
Interesting Fact: The animosity that had Vanerrincourt and Galarrage at each other’s throats for centuries started with a sneeze by a visiting Vanerrincourtian ambassador at a Galarragian state dinner.


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