Thursday, May 18, 2017

Angel: Book Two is Coming Early Next Year!

I AM nearly finished with the writing of this follow-up to Book One, of which a recent reviewer wrote:
Is it really fiction? The concept of the story line and character development was rich, vivid, and totally possible! I learned a great deal about myself and what I believe. This is a keeper for repeated journeys as my path changes and I move to the next level. 
In Book Two, I tell the story of Ray's first assignment as an angel of death. He is sent back to Earth to help a sixteen-year-old girl whose home life is horrific. Ray's job isn't to take her life, but to save it from her hateful parents and church.

She's gifted in mathematics, and is considered an oddball at school. She is thinking of killing herself.

Ray never liked children as a mortal, and had no tolerance for Christian fundamentalists, either. His first assignment, therefore, promises to be very challenging.

I figure I've got three chapters, including the epilogue, to go. After that come the deep edits. It seems reasonable to assume at this point that I'll be able to release Angel: Book Two early next year!


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