Saturday, May 13, 2017

Melody and the Pier to Forever: Book Two is in Paperback!

I RECEIVED my paperback copy of Melody and the Pier to Forever: Book Two yesterday! It's beautiful! And huge!

The illustration above, found in the Kindle edition, is from Part III--"The Rebel." Here were see Anurag de Bouchard sail the Selaki from Anthtree, his home, which is at the very tip of the Wolfsnake. If you visit the map of Aquanus, you can see the Wolfsnake in the north Verisimilius Ocean. It is a dangerous, untamed, dramatic land with tremendous floating trees known, unsurprisingly, I suppose, as Anthtrees. They are also known as Sky Fir. They can grow up to three misons in height, and live thousands of years.

Anybody who follows my writing knows that I don't just write a new story, like Anurag's, then leave it, or him, behind. Anurag is very important to the Saeire Insu and its success against the Imperium. There is much more coming where he is concerned.

Next month, Kye and I will begin the second "read edit" of Otoro Queril: Saeire Insu Executioner, the novel that follows Book Two. When that's completed, I'll format and release it as a paperback as well.

It's a pretty cool thing to hold a paperback that you created. I've got a growing stack of them now, but the delight, I assure you, hasn't diminished in the slightest.


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