Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Republican Party Is, Plainly, Evil, and Must Be Opposed At Every Single Turn

Note: Senate Republicans are set to vote on their own Trumpcare repeal bill of the ACA, which, as all reports indicate, is even worse than the version the House passed.

Tens of millions of Americans, including me, will be without health insurance if this nightmare passes, which it almost certainly will.

We live in a time of unmitigated and brazen maliciousness and mendacity. The illegitimate "presidency" of Trump is all the proof I need to offer; but there are many other people and happenings around the world that prove my statement just as effectively.

The question is this: What are you, the person reading this, going to do about it? Because if you're just going to sit on your ass and do nothing, then you are no longer welcome to visit this blog. I desire my readers and fans to be warriors of right and light.

I'm reposting this essay, which I originally wrote more than a month ago, to protest Trump, Senate Republicans, and House Republicans, and their blatant desire to kill American citizens. They are, truly, evil, soulless people.


TODAY REPUBLICANS in the House voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. They voted, literally, for the deaths of millions of Americans who need the ACA in order to live--to receive cancer treatments, healthcare for pregnant women, affordable medicine, and thousands of other vital services and treatments. Right now, as I write this, they are partying with the illegitimate "president" over their "victory."

The Death Bill, its ostensible replacement, will now be forwarded to the Senate, also dominated by Republicans, who only dominate because of gerrymandering and suppressing the vote, and because a hostile foreign power helped them get into power. If it passes there, it'll go to the Orange Hitler, who will most surely sign it.


We in America are knee-deep in a quickly rising sewer tide of unmitigated evil. I know that isn't a popular terms with liberals these days--"evil." It implies moral judgment, and that makes many liberals and so-called progressives uneasy. But not to use the term these days when referring to the Republican Party is in fact enabling that Party to continue with their malicious and malevolent ways. It is by way of our refusal to use that term forcefully, loudly, and often that we allow Republicans to press on with their life-hating, divisive, destructive, exclusionary, and cruel agenda.

Liberals really are mealy-mouthed and spineless far too often. They really do cower under bullies and their threats. Instead of standing up and getting in the face of evil, far too often they urge understanding and "trying to work with" it. By doing so, they give the bullies exactly what they want--more time and more space to do more evil.

Watch Democrats as the Death Bill goes to the Senate. Listen to their equivocating. Listen to their prevaricating. Listen to their pitiful attempts at "understanding" what is literally a death sentence for millions of innocent Americans. Listen to them as they say they are "working with" Republicans on this Death Bill. Watch the spinelessness live. If you're an individual with even an ounce of moral outrage left inside you--increasingly rare these days--the spectacle will sicken you. It should.


This country, as a result, is at the precipice. By precipice I mean precisely this: The United States is a pinkie toe away from ceasing to exist. Little more than a strong breeze against the back and it will fall and it will die.

Oh, the shattered, bloody lump at the bottom will still be called the United States, just as that corpse you used to call your mother or father at the funeral home was named Jane or Bill. But what's lying before you isn't Jane or Bill. It is no more than the decomposing shell of the vital, volitional being--the soul--of that individual. Your parent is gone.

So too with this nation. The cliff a person jumped off is a clear, visceral, visual image. It's right there. You can measure the cliff's height. You can see the jagged rocks at the bottom. You can see the crushed body at the bottom.

This Death Bill doesn't have those grim visuals. It's just a bunch of overprivileged suits voting on a stack of white paper. It doesn't grab in the same way. But it should. Because it is, in every important way, just as grim, just as final, as that cliff. And we as a nation are about to leap.


It is time to recognize indifference as the moral evil it is. Those individuals who were eligible to vote in the general election but chose not to out of indifference are responsible for committing an act of moral evil. They are no better, in fact, than those who voted for Trump, or who voted for a third party. All three are responsible, directly, for the plodding, blubberous, tumorous, filthy evil with which we are now confronted. There is no getting around that. There is no excusing it.

God knows practically everybody in the media has tried, and continues trying every day, even today. It'll go on tomorrow, and the day after that, and the one after that, indefinitely.

Why do they do this? I don't know. I don't think even they know. But the uncompromising reality is this: if the Death Bill is signed by Trump, the media, third-party voters, and nonvoters will be just as responsible for its deadly consequences as this "president," his supporters, and the Republicans are.

The really damning irony is this: the deadly consequences of the Death Bill will come for Trump supporters first.


I write fiction, so the subject of human evil as it plays out through a story is fascinating to me.

What's happening here in this nation, and around the world, is evil on an epic scale, and is so over the top that I'm certain that if it were offered as fiction in a saner world, publishers would laugh the manuscript to the summit of the reject heap.

But it's real. It's happening. Right now.

As a big fan of the recent Star Wars reboots, I can't help but stare at the crowds I sit with in the theater as the movies are playing. For if we were actually living that reality--the Empire, the Force, Jedis, the Rebel Alliance, Darth Vader, the Death Star ... if we were in that reality, living it, the nasty fact is that most of the folks in that theater--most of the folks in this nation--hell, most of the folks in the world--would live as willing and contributing Empire subjects, not as Rebels. Not as Jedis-in-training. Not as X-wing fighter pilots. Not as stalwarts against evil, no matter how insignificant they be.

Most of them would live indifferently, as most do now. Most, as most do, when confronted between the clear choice of remaining with evil (the Empire) or joining the good (the Rebels), would stand with the Empire, and most would even fight for the Empire, going full Stormtrooper if necessary. They would continue reaping the benefits of Empire citizenship, would continue living in their numb little Empire 'burbs, would continue drawing a cozy paycheck, would continue paying Empire taxes and raising kids and shopping and all the other things that convince them that they are not evil, but just living their lives, that their actions don't matter, that they are just citizens, just innocents, just going along and getting along. Life as a Rebel, after all, is difficult, probably skint, and goddamn dangerous. Why choose a life as an outlaw? Why choose ostracization from all my friends and family? Why choose to confront evil? Who decides what is "evil" anyway? The Empire isn't so bad. Hell, if you just keep your head down and toe the line, everything will be fine. Why do anything else?

The fact is, the heroes on the screen are people who, if they were real, if that reality were actual, would be absolutely despised by the vast majority of those cheering their daring exploits.

And so here, in this reality, we have Donald J. Trump as "president" of these United States. And we have the Republican Party doing its part, actively and knowingly, to destroy lives. And doing so gleefully.


And so here were are, at the precipice. The very fate of this nation is at stake. It's not hyperbole. It's actual. It's real. It's right now.

The Republican Party is, plainly, evil, and must be opposed at every single turn.


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