Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The State of My Art

THIS HAS been a busy year for me.

Let's review, shall we?

I launched:
Early next month I'll launch The Cheapery St. Heroes, which I'm coauthoring with Kye.

Later this year I'll publish the fourth volume of Fractalverse and My Rogue Mile, a collection of thoughts and meditations I posted on Google Plus before I pulled the plug on my account there; and finally, I'll release the paperback version of Otoro Queril: Saeire Insu Executioner, which is the fourth novel in Melody.

For those of you counting, that's seven titles. In a year.

Most writers are lucky if they get one title out in a year.

(Yes. I'm gloating. I've earned it.)

And I'm not even counting the fan fiction I work on in between my original projects, or my illustrations, or my fractals. As far as fan fiction goes, I'm working on a short story about Zelena from ABC's Once Upon a Time, a series that screamed great potential from the beginning but was far too often horridly written and produced. I'm also about to update my Lord of the Rings fan fiction as well.

As far as this blog goes, I'm averaging around twenty-three unique hits daily. Yesterday I got sixty-nine hits; I believe the record high to this point is eighty-one. This blog is about a month and a half old. I try to post to it twice a day--a fractal to begin the day, and then something like a chapter, excerpt, illustration, or news later. I try to avoid looking at it after that, or checking up on the stats.

I haven't made much money this year--just a little more than seven dollars. I suppose it's the inevitable cost of refusing to sell my soul, as so many do. Romance (read: porn) rules the roost as far as genre writing goes. Something like seventy percent of all ebook downloads, paid or free, are in that genre.

I guess that's no surprise.

I work about seven hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I keep my spirits up by realizing how lucky I am to be able to write full time and get my stories and thoughts out there. I'm not looking for some magic bullet to come and thrust me into fame and fortune. That hope is for fools. I'm looking instead to add the greatest possible value to my little corner of the world, which includes my fans, of which I have a small, devoted crowd. If I can make you folks smile or laugh, or inspire and delight you, or outrage you--basically move you in some way, I'll be satisfied. If I can add value to your day-to-day, I've done my job. That's my concern. That's my only concern.

Given that, I'd like to declare that the state of my art is good and is getting better with each new hard-won fan that comes along.

Please keep popping by! And don't hesitate to write to me as well. My email is on my About Me page above. Don't be shy!

In any event, and as I often say, thank you for reading!


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