Thursday, June 29, 2017

Enjoy the First Edition of Fridays Off! This Week Features a Dragonfly, a Beautiful Oregon Beach, and a Smattering of Slightly Out of Focus Flowers!

Friday is a day off for me. By "day off" I mean I don't write. By "don't write" I mean I do my best not to work on any of the eight projects listed on my desktop. By "do my best" I mean if I have to, I'll turn off my computer and do something else: take a walk or garden or do some cleaning. It's pretty tough sometimes.

Friday is the day that we, Kye and I, try to get out of the TARDIS and do something relaxing and enjoyable. Usually that means taking a drive to Brookings--so we can go to Fred Meyer and get nonperishables and whatnot. The drive is world-class and is by itself a joy. (Click the link and then click the arrow over the road. It'll take you north from Brookings towards Gold Beach, which is near where I live. Lots and lots of amazing coastline along the way.) Shopping for both of us is not enjoyable, but hey. You make allowances and compromises all throughout life, right?

The last two weeks we managed to get farther than Brookings, so I thought I'd share some of the photos we took on those fortunate weekends.

You might be tempted to think that posts like this one aren't writing related, but they most definitely are. Any artist worthy of the title knows that stepping away from his or her projects lets those projects simmer on the mental and spiritual back burners, which is a necessary step in any good creative process. Returning to the projects in a day or so almost always provides new insights into them, new avenues of exploration and creativity, new ideas, even new inspiration.

For this first edition, I'd like to share three photos: one from Humbug State Park, one from Crissey Field just north of the California - Oregon border, and one from Shore Acres State Park, which features dramatic sea cliffs and a world-class garden.




We found this happy guy (or girl) sunning on the beam of the new walk-bridge that leads to the little gem of a park in the canyon of Humbug State Park. Dragonflies are very common in summer in these parts. After the record-setting rainfall this past winter, I reckon we'll be seeing tons of them!

Crissey Field's log-choked beach

Pacific storms in these parts can be fierce. This winter brought some of the fiercest residents saw in decades. Twenty-five-foot waves thundered in on several occasions. They were frightening--and very inspiring.

This view is north towards Brookings, which is an hour's drive south of Gold Beach, where we live.

Flowers Just Out of Focus - Shore Acres

Sometimes those just-out-of-focus pics turn out to be the best. At least to me. Kye took this of a prismatic patch of joy under the shade of some Japanese pine at Shore Acres this past weekend. It's a photo that makes me want to close my eyes and meditate.

Coos Bay is a mix of good and bad. When we're there we focus on the good, which is the town's waterfront, and Shore Acres, which is phenomenal. We've heard the park's Christmas lights are unbelievable. We're going to try to get up there this year.

I hope this first edition of Fridays Off brought a little light to your day!


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