Thursday, June 8, 2017

Free-Verse Poetry Inspired by Melody and the Pier to Forever

I’ve held to it: the notion that beyond the blinds of my window,
beyond the brittle glass, beyond the mundanity, the indifference, the syrupy stupidity,
the rutted existence, the detritus, the despair, the sameness everywhere …
I’ve held to a place, and an idea, and a sound: that of victory realized,
of a realm outsized, a story, a highway endless, an ocean, and ringed glory.
There is my life. There is my heartbeat. There is the quiet satiety of my soul’s longing:
a melody, where angels, unshackled, shine like celestial beacons, where the sky’s songing
heralds possibilities greater than imagined in your day-to-day putterings and bothersome
scramble for cash and self-absorption.

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