Saturday, June 17, 2017

I've Got a LOT of New Projects in the Queue! Check Them Out!

I've got a lot on the back burners these days, and not all of it in Melody and the Pier to Forever.

Melody and Angel are the projects that get top priority. Everything else is scheduled around them, including all my fan fiction.

I post lots of excerpts and chapters of projects I've completed here; so I thought today I'd update everybody on brand new projects you haven't heard about!

*I'm about to continue writing a story about an Irish immigrant to the United States who, down on his employment luck, takes a job with a mysterious American named Mr. Watson. I wrote the prologue many months ago, and now am about to jump more deeply into the project, with five chapters on the to-do list.

*I'm playing around with the idea of a "port story." This story has been done before by many other authors, but I find it compelling, so I think I'll give it a crack. It's about a port town that lives on the edge of the multiverse, and so, when conditions are right, what the residents occasionally wake up to is another reality. The port town itself is never affected, but everything else is.

*In a month or so I will write a new memoir, this one about my mother. She was an extraordinary woman who endured tragedy and betrayal few of us can even imagine, let alone endure.

*If you read Random Chance and the Paradise That Is Earth, you met Hewey, Random's ship's computer. Hewey, it turns out, is based on Random's favorite childhood storybook hero, Paul Hewson, from The Rapscallion of the Rogue River. I've written the first two chapters in it, with three due to be started probably in two or three months or so.

*I've written the first chapter of a love story that is semi-autobiographical, one that features a troubled brother, a dying mother, and our protagonist, who falls in love with a girl who presents more than one kind of problem for him and his community. I'll be working on the first of four new chapters probably by fall or so.

*I've written the prologue to a story about an ant that (who, actually: she's a conscious, sentient being) saves the world. Sometime before the end of the year I'll start work on five new chapters in that adventure.

All that in addition to sequels and fan fiction, illustrations and new fractals, and editing manuscripts for release!

Busy? You bet your bippy I'm busy!


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