Friday, June 2, 2017

Progress on Melody and the Pier to Forever: Book Three!

THIS IS the mouth of the Vire River, which is the setting of an important occurrence on Aquanus in Book Three of Melody and the Pier to Forever.

I waited nearly four years to begin Book Three, which I did on my birthday (January 6) of this year. I just completed the writing of chapter four, which was particularly difficult, requiring almost two months.

Book Three is about becoming. It's about hope. It's about faith. Especially faith.

I wasn't ready to write it four years ago. I wasn't mature enough in my writing, and I didn't have enough information about the storyline. For those of you confused by that, I suggest you download To Make an Assay and read the essay on transmissions.

Too, there were sidestories after Book Two that needed to be written and needed to take precedence. I'm concurrently writing the third sidestory along with Book Three, but am further along in it than Book Three. If you skip the sidestories, you end up skipping vital story details and will be lost by the time Book Three is published, which should be sometime near 2020.

So don't skip them!

Below are the novels in order and to date. Check my Smashwords profile page, because some of them are currently ... shhhh ... free!


Melody and the Pier to Forever in order:

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