Thursday, June 22, 2017 Is a Trump-Fellating Website and Should Be Avoided At All Costs

I WOULD like someday to lead a revolution against social media. It really is a disease.

I quit Quora today. I got yet another warning from either a bot or an actual human that I'd violated their policy. (Almost certainly it was a bot.)

What have I been doing that has been so heinous? I've been writing harsh things about our illegitimate "president," Trump.

I'm allowed to do this. Trump is a public figure. He's under the category "open season." And so I went after him in the same way that Samantha Bee goes after him, or John Oliver, or a host of other big-time celebrities, of which I am not.

So I've done nothing wrong in any sense of the word. I didn't libel Fuhrer Trump. Again--he's a public figure. I called him names. I made fun of him. That was it.

Quora and its bots (which include the admins) took offense--multiple times.

Today I pulled the plug on my account.


If I'm certain about anything these days, it's this. This isn't a time for peace, love, and understanding. This is a time for revolution, for kicking major ass and taking names. For getting into the mud toe-to-toe with the slime that has taken over the US government, and the slime that supports that takeover, and beating the living shit out of all of it. I'm absolutely, one hundred percent certain of that.


Quora is, by its actions, a Trump-supporting website, and so I am going to speak out against it here and anywhere else I feel is appropriate. I'm not a celebrity; I don't have a huge audience of any kind. But that doesn't mean I should stay silent. Honestly, if I had a ton of money, I'd sue Quora for their terms of service that censors people like me. I'd take them to court and when I won I'd pull the plug on the entire site and send its infestation of Trump supporters scurrying back into their Facebook fake news cesspools.


And so my weekly Quora answers have come to an end. And so too my mistaken notion that not all social media is a metastasized and aggressive cancer.

Sometimes a person has to get bashed over the head a thousand times before something finally sinks in--perhaps about a toxic relationship he or she is involved in, or a bad job, or a bad habit that needs eliminating ... or social media. I've tried Facebook; I've tried Twitter; I've tried Google Plus and Tumblr and probably a dozen other social media sites. There is nothing, as far as I can tell, to recommend them.

Do they do good in the world? Undoubtedly. But they do far more harm than good, in my opinion, and so the question doesn't really matter. It's like saying, "Yo, dude, Exxon-Mobil does real good around the world!" Well, maybe that's so, but the harm it's doing to the planet far outweighs anything good it may be doing.

And so it is with social media. Good? Sometimes, yes. Bad? Much more than good, and all the time.


I've got a lot of work to do. I've got novels and essays to write and edit, fractals to create, illustrations to finish, and this fledgling blog to grow. I've got a tiny, tiny audience that blesses me with their attention every day, and who I want to give something good to--every day. That's more than enough right there.

Thank you for giving me the chance to add some value to your life.


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