Saturday, June 24, 2017

Take a Look at the Flag of Neptonius from Melody and the Pier to Forever!

Government: Cupidicy Monarchy
Last Known Rulers: King and Queen Hongskev Kuskin
Land Area: (approx.) 538,000 square miles (269,000 sq. misons); Earth comparison: slightly larger than Yemen
Geography and Climate: High, dry tundra and low wind-swept grasslands—when not covered in snow,  which both are almost two thirds of the Aquanian year. Three of Aquanus’ ten highest (known) peaks are Neptonian, and reside in the Fronterum Spur of their territory.
Highest Point: Mt. Brickraig 31,013 ft. (4.2 misons)
Eternitudes/Infinitudes (rough) With Respect to the Center of Aquanus: .3.85 to +4.46N; .0.88 to +1.53E
Capital City: Raretail Holm, est. pre-invasion population: 54,000
Best Known For: Naval/military prowess; private, isolated culture; fishing prowess
Interesting Fact: It is rumored that Neptonians can fly Untransformed by aid of treated Sky Fir.


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