Friday, June 9, 2017

The Flag of Zephrym from Melody and the Pier to Forever!

Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Last Known Ruler: Queen Bristol-Emera Glorti
Land Area: (approx.) 832,000 square miles (424,000 sq. misons); Earth comparison: slightly larger than Namibia
Geography and Climate: Wind-blown and wind-carved. High mountain peaks to sparse pine forests: but the constant everywhere is wind, which on any given day averages 18 miph. Lower than average rainfall. Temperatures range from hot in the lower elevations to freezing in the north.
Highest Point: Sirenam Peak 20,772 ft. (2.81 misons)
Eternitudes/Infinitudes (rough) With Respect to the Center of Aquanus: .1.99 to +2.58N; .3.82 to +3.99W
Capital City: Salebear, est. pre-invasion population: 97,000
Best Known For: Wind, sailing prowess, very good liquor, peace-loving citizenry, and a very scary bay next door.
Interesting Fact: The city of Salebear has been completely wiped off the map by deadly winds at least a dozen times in its history.


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