Monday, July 31, 2017

A Word On My Fractal Art

Tomorrow will represent the end of a cycle with respect to my fractal art.

Allow me to explain.

When I was on G+, I posted a fractal each day, like I do here. I picked alphabetically from sequential groups of five. I used to choose which one to post.

Well, I do the same here, on this little blog. Tomorrow is the end of the cycle, meaning I'm on the last group of fractals from which to choose one to post.

I have almost a thousand fractals at this point. I've been creating them since 2006. I use an antiquated UltraFractal3 program that barely works on my current laptop. I use PaintShop Pro to edit them in post.

Most are collages of other fractals mixed in with the new one. Some are very specifically titled; others not so much.

I'm not so concerned that it's "fractal art" as I am producing art that touches me in some way, and therefore, possibly, you. I love that their abstractness lends often to something real and solid. Sometimes I add those "real and solid" things in: clouds, usually, or stars, or, once, a tall ship.

Many fractals have been inspired by Melody and the Pier to Forever; several have been inspired by Angel. I write lots of free-verse poetry with them as inspiration as well. And--of course--they grace my desktop as wallpapers.

Which leads me back to you. My fractals are licensed under Creative Commons, which means:
  • You can copy them to your own hard-drive
  • You can share them, but only if you properly attribute me as their creator
  • You can manipulate them, if you'd like, but must still attribute me as their creator
  • You cannot gain financially in any way from them. You cannot use them as your business logo, for example, or to sell books, or whatever
  • You cannot claim them as your own creation in any way
The most popular fractal this cycle? It was Rendan Mortalis, which was inspired (of course) by Melody. Here it is:

Interestingly, it's one of my very oldest fractals, created when I still had no real grasp of UF3, and has no post-editing done on it at all!

If you're interested in acquiring a Bitmap (BMP) of any particular fractal, contact me via the email address found in my About Me page. Your comments are also appreciated! Don't be shy!

I'm excited to start a new cycle Wednesday!


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