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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How Are Your Cancer Treatments Going, O Hypocrite and Utter Asshole John McCain?

Today Senator John McCain, Republican Dickhead from Arizona, was flown in today to vote to kill the Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Without him in attendance, the vote would have failed.

McCain is dying of brain cancer. His health care is the finest in the world and is entirely funded by We the People. We the People--millions of whom, if McCain has his way, will be without health insurance of any kind. Tens of thousands of Americans will die as a direct consequence--each year.

The maliciousness and hypocrisy of McCain's vote today cannot be overstated. No truly principled man or woman would think of doing such a thing, let alone following through, ever.

But then, McCain has never been a man of principle, no matter what his fans and sycophants claim. His Republican colleagues represent an existential threat not only to millions of people now wholly endangered by having their health insurance ripped away from them, but indeed the entire world. For this lot has one and only one goal in mind, and that is world domination, and damn the costs and the millions, perhaps billions, of lives that surely will be lost.

It's not hyperbole. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. Look at their president. Look at his admiration for dictators, for nuclear weapons, for perpetual war, for trampling on the poor and downtrodden worldwide.

I have said this before, and I'll say it again, and again, and again: It's time for a revolution. I pray for it to be a peaceful one, a bloodless one, but as the outrages pile up, the likelihood that that will happen diminishes with each passing day.

Most people are sound asleep. They're numb, stupid, and live totally unconsidered lives. Things like McCain's actions today mean little to nothing to them. Or worse--they support those actions. If you are such a person, please stop visiting my blog. You are not welcome here; and I want you to stop reading my books, if you have done so.

This blog is for those of you who look upon scum like Senator John McCain and cannot help but shake your head in disbelief at his utterly evil actions, and who then write your Senators or Representatives, or voice your outrage on social media, or contribute to campaigns of those seeking to unseat those malicious bastards, or protest by marching up and down the main street of your town, or write your own blog post, or un-'friend' hateful conservatives on your Facebook or Twitter feed, or pray, or won't back down when a conservanazi uncle gets in your grill again, or ...

... or all of those things. And any more you can think of.

Sitting on your ass and keeping your mouth shut is what the German people did when Hitler was in power. If you do that now, you are literally no better than the worst Nazi that ever lived.

Think about that. Then deal with it. It's the motherfucking truth.

Then join the revolution. For it's time We the People rose up and stopped this insanity once and for all.


Addendum: So-called "maverick" John McCain (Wants-You-to-Die, Arizona) did give a speech proclaiming that he wasn't for the bill his hateful colleagues wanted to pass that would endanger the lives of millions of Americans. But then, as the glaring, useless pile of hypocrisy that he is, he voted to kill Obamacare anyway.

Addendum II: Shame on any Democrat in the Chamber who applauded him as he walked in.

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