Thursday, July 6, 2017

Just a Quick Reminder: Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Legitimate, Rightful, and Proper President of the United States

If a team is caught cheating in the championship game, they give the trophy to the opponent.

If you get caught cheating on a test at school, you get a failing grade and possibly suspended or expelled.

If you rob a liquor store, you go to jail.

If someone helps you, they go to jail too.

Donald Trump cheated his way into the White House. The job isn't his. He and his campaign were aided and abetted by a vile Russian government and its brainless bots and hackers, and its little bald-headed tiny-pee-peed dick-tator. Trump is guilty of treason and espionage. He and his cabal should be rotting in jail.

The true, proper, and legitimate president of the United States is Hillary Rodham Clinton. It's what I call her. It's what many around me call her, and will continue calling her. President Clinton. Because she is. Because she won that job fair and square. Period.

This has been a public service reminder from the Committee of If You Can't Deal With It, Then You Can Go Straight to Hell, or Violate Yourself Repeatedly With Something Hard and Sandpapery.

Never forget. Ever.


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