Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Melody and the Pier to Forever Will Be FREE for Only One More Week, and then It Will Be Repriced to $6.95!

But the morning of July 11, a week from today, I'll wake up and reprice them to $6.95,
at which they will stay for a long, long time.
So if you want to join us on the Pier to Forever without having to pony up the dough,
you need to, as Colonel Frank Slade says, get a move on!


But all is not lost.
Sometime in the morning on August 1, I will wake up and reprice Angel from $5.95 to FREE,
where it will stay until I release Book Two in the series sometime in 2018.

Along the way, if you're observant,
you may notice a few other books of mine being generously repriced now and again,
so visit my profile page a lot to keep on top of things!

That is all.


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