Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 13th Doctor Has Been Announced, and Kye and I are Really Excited!

Kye and I are big Doctor Who fans. The show is on permanent loop; we probably watch it twice a week. We've named our rig the TARDIS and have a "POLICE BOX" sticker on the door. How's that for fandom?

Peter Capaldi, who is leaving the show at Christmas, was my favorite Doctor to this point. I have absolutely nothing against the others--Chris Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. And I have watched nothing of the old series to make a judgment on the others. Capaldi's Doctor simply had more dimension to me than those who have joined him in that role in the new series.

Kye, on the other hand, feels that way about David Tennant.

But it isn't just the Doctor who compels me to watch the show. It's the music. Murray Gold is a genius. His themes and scores are simply the finest on television--and that's saying something, considering that he's up against other geniuses like Michael Giacchino, who composed the incredible music for Lost. Capaldi's Doctor's theme is so good that I probably listen to it three or four times weekly still, three years after it was first introduced!

So you can imagine our excitement as we waited for the announcement of the 13th Doctor. We woke up this morning and discovered that Jodie Whittaker had been chosen to be the next regeneration of the Time Lord. A woman! The first ever to be chosen as the Doctor!

We are both very excited about what she can bring to the show. We're both a bit trepidatious because we're hoping the show's writers don't fall into trite and insulting gender memes. If the show suffers at all, it's in the writing of it. But Steven Moffat, who is leaving as its runner, chief writer, and producer, was really the problem, in our opinion. His plots were often helter skelter, the plot holes at times enormous and unmanageable, and his regular interjecting of his own personality into the Doctor was at times maddening. We're delighted that Chris Chibnall is taking over his duties. We've always liked his work, especially on Torchwood, a short-lived Doctor Who spinoff.

With a female lead, the show could really push the boundaries of traditional gender roles and examine the many ways humans relate to each other. We both think that's very important, especially in this time of growing repression and fascism. To do that would be a big Time Lord middle finger in the face of the idiots who refuse to come into the 21st century--from the 8th.

I'm very sad that the Christmas Special will be Capaldi's swan song. I absolutely loved his Doctor. He was real, you know? He was acerbic and occasionally insensitive and cruel; but he also displayed sometimes surprising depths of compassion and honor that never failed to touch me. Capaldi brought dimension to Steven Moffat-written episodes which, astonishingly, often rescued those episodes outright.

Whittaker won't have to deal with that. Chibnall, we believe, will give her plenty of range and opportunity to shine. We have no doubts that she will.

We can't wait for the next series to start!

Is it 2018 yet?


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