Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Writing of Book Two of Angel is Completed!

I am very happy today, because a few minutes ago I completed the writing of Book Two of Angel, a project I began a year and a half ago.

Now begin the deep edits!

Unlike most writers, I absolutely love the editing process. I live for it. It's endlessly fascinating to me. Most writers, if they're self-published, hire editors. If they are legacy published, the publishing house has their own editors to deal with the manuscript.

Screw that. I'll do it myself. And I'll do a better job than any of them.

At a chapter a day, the edits will take ten months, which means Book Two will be published late May or early June of 2018.

But like I said, I love editing. So it's likely I'll double up on the days when it's possible, which means at the outside Book Two will be published late May or early June of next year.

In this sequel, we watch as Ray Wilms, once an avowed atheist and materialist, goes on his first assignment. He must save a sixteen-year-old girl named Deanna from a hateful fundamentalist Christian family. Deanna is a mathematics prodigy whose circumstances have gotten so bad that she is thinking of killing herself. The father regularly incests and beats her; and the church school she attends provides no relief in terms of friends or social outlets, or someone she can confide in. She's alone, isolated, and desperate.

Like its predecessor, I have pulled no punches in Book Two's writing. It comes at you very gritty, real, and dark. But with that gritty, dark reality is plenty of inspiration and uplift, as well as justice, which is served in big, satisfying heaps.

Over the coming months I'll occasionally share excerpts and even whole chapters from Book Two once they get shiny enough. On August 1, I'll be pricing Book One to FREE, where it will stay until Book Two is released.

This isn't The Shack, folks. This isn't smarmy, schmaltzy, Christian Hallmark-card garbage that goes for cheap emotional payoffs and ends with hands waving while Michael W. Smith crows something O So Profound in B major while the credits roll. If that's your cup o' tea, then you really shouldn't even be visiting this blog!

No, these are stories with a much less provincial and shallow worldview, and which take a far more humanistic and earthy tack on spiritual matters. They aren't meant strictly for Christians by any means. Anybody of any faith could read them and feel welcome in the world they paint. I imagine however if you're a fundie Christian or materialist (a fundie religion all its own), you might be offended. I'm so sorry about that.

No, I'm not.

I'll be starting the deep edits of Book Two Monday.


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