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Monday, October 23, 2017

This Blog is My Little Digital Home. So You'll Forgive Me If I Don't Want Just Anyone Knocking On My Front Door

No. Seriously.

This blog is my humble digital home. I moved in (began it) March 8 of this year. In that time I've averaged a little over forty pageviews a day.

This is a blog that features my original fractal art, as well as excerpts and chapters of my original works, as well as my poetry. I also on occasion write extemporaneous essays. Most of those are political.

Since this is my digital home, I am concerned about who "enters" it. I have absolutely no control over those who choose to, ultimately, but that doesn't mean I can't be very clear about who I want walking around my living room and rummaging about in my fridge and using my bathroom.

I want my visitors to be like me and Kye: nonconformists. Rebels. Freethinkers. I want them to be waking up from the nightmares of suburbanism and consumption, or fully awake from such horrors. Politically, Republicans are not welcome here. If you are not American, then oppressors of any kind or stripe are not welcome here. If you're from Russia and a Putin supporter, please exit this blog and go fuck yourself, preferably with something hard and sandpapery. Immediately, please.

Fundamentalists of any kind or stripe are not welcome here--be you political, social, philosophical, scientific, or religious. Just ... stay away. Go and howl at the moon while wearing your tinfoil hat from the middle of someone else's living room. Please.

Stalkers are not welcome here. You know who you are. I've got nothing to share with you, and never will. It's over between us--for good and for-frickin'-ever. You don't know me better than Kye does in any way imaginable. You never did. Now go away. Thanks.

I have no patience for the shallow and glib. I have no patience for consumers--for people who have lost the ability to truly appreciate the good in life, and so stumble around like zombies looking for the latest thing to feast on. The chances that you, the person reading this, are just such an individual are quite high. If that's you, please go away and learn once more how to appreciate things. When you do, you'll also start the process of unlearning consumption. You're welcome back after that.

I have no patience for the uncommitted. I have no patience for fly-by-nights. I have no patience for people looking for freebies--especially art. I give away a great deal of my work because I have to. If all you are is a parasite, a vulture, looking for a free "meal," then you are not welcome into my digital home.

For far too long I listened to the people who insisted that I needed to be willing to be everything to everybody, to accept everybody, to listen to them, to let them into my life, into my heart. The result was catastrophe, chaos, homelessness, betrayal, abandonment, disease, robbery, dysfunction, depression, and despair.

I have since changed. Radically. I have finally learned.

This isn't a blog for everybody. This is a blog for a select few--just as my published works are. Just as my fractals are. I'm grateful for forty pageviews a day. If this blog never gets more popular than that, I'd be more than happy with it. In this Age of Consumption, relevance is measured by pageviews, by clicks, by dollars rolling in, by fame, by hanging with the right crowd.

That's your world, man, and it's diseased. It's not my world. It never will be.

For the rest of you--welcome to this blog. I endeavor each and every day to be worthy of your time and attention.


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