Monday, July 16, 2018

Amateur fantasy authors write novels that offer readers an escape from reality. That's not me.

The Emperor of Aquanus

If you took the malice, cruelty, inhumanity, and mendacity of the Republican Party and their Fuhrer, Trump, and mated them with the indifferent and callous millions in this nation, and added pseudo-awake ignorance represented perfectly by Bernie Bros., you'd get a rough idea of what the guy above is like.

Corporatism, materialism, suburbanism, capitalism, greed, selfishness, the Iron Rule, despotism, amorality, calling the shadows the light, and the light evil.

He exists on a different world in a different universe. But he might as well occupy the White House. For the Orange Impostor there and Necrolius Anaxagorius are disturbingly similar. They consume souls.

Amateur writers write fantasy novels that offer readers an escape from reality. Good writers write fantasy novels that offer a solution to reality. Amateur readers confuse the two. Good readers don't.

I'm not interested in writing escapist shit. I never have been. My work is my protest. It's my solution.

Necrolius is a villain. So is Trump, and all who support him, and all who are indifferent to him and his hateful life-destroying party and their soul-killing agenda, and all who by their inaction hoped he would get in the White House, and all who don't care how he managed to do it, and all who do nothing to get him out.


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