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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Angel Is FREE! Download It Right Now!

It's Kye's favorite novel. That means something very special to me, since she has read tons of novels by many excellent authors.

What's it like? Think Touched By An Angel meets Quentin Tarantino. You'll be in the ballpark then.

It isn't a Christian novel. It isn't pagan. It isn't demonic or satanic. It's solidly non-denominational, and makes no effort to convert readers to any faith. Its message is simple: If you want to get to Heaven, which exists, you must do so by working your ass off by finding and then living your God-given calling. The story is told through the eyes of an intransigent, bitter atheist who is slated to die but who comes across a genuine angel named Calliel who was sent by God to save him.

The back-cover blurb is below.


The airplane Professor Ray Wilms was in just exploded. Somehow he survived the fireball and tons of burning metal as it blew away into the night air over San Diego, California. He has no idea how he's still conscious. He's strapped to his seat and hurtling straight for the Pacific Ocean thousands of feet below.

Astonishingly, he's not frightened. As the ocean rises to smash him dead, a vision of the angel who was sent to save him engulfs him. It's a vision of the past, of their meeting for the first time, but seen from over the angel's shoulder.

Dr. Wilms was once an unyielding skeptic and atheist. As the final seconds of his life tick away, he wonders: What am I now? As he gives over to the vision and follows the angel around, he must decide before the dark sea claims him.


Coming early 2018!

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