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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Candle portrays so-called alpha males as they should be portrayed: as the overbearing, underwhelming assholes they are.

You won't like it if you like Fifty Shades of Grey. The reason why is it portrays so-called alpha males as they should be portrayed: as the overbearing, underwhelming assholes they are.

It's not written as a typical "romance" either. That is to say, it's well-written, and doesn't make the primary focus bumping uglies, as ninety percent of "romance," so-called, does these days.

It doesn't confirm social or romantic norms as much as it disdains them when relevant. This too flies directly in the face of all "romance" currently written.

For those reasons, and many others, it isn't "romance" (read: porn for women) as it is, genuinely, romance. It's erotic, yes. Allison, our protagonist, discovers herself via those moments. But those moments have very little in common with the garbage clogging up literary channels everywhere, especially Smashwords, which distributes books of all genres, but only cares, demonstrably and provably, about "romance."

There you go.

In any event, The Candle is currently FREE at Smashwords and associated retailers. It isn't a popular book there, mainly because it doesn't have a cheesy stock photo of a man's bare, sculpted chest and a woman's hands splayed lustfully over it, her nails painted O-fuck-me-baby red. Also, the meta-data for it isn't something like "BDSM preggo pseudo-incest billionaire bestiality alpha-male dominating abuse voted Trump love his orange fat head hothothot."

If that's your cup o' tea (or pee: there's plenty of golden shower smut there too, which I'm sure would get the Orange Hitler off), then The Candle isn't for you. Neither, for that matter, is this blog.


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