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Friday, February 2, 2018

What If Angels Actually Exist?

What if:

--There is a God?

--Heaven is real?

--Angels are real?

What if:

--God isn't omnipotent, as in, has the power to do absolutely anything?

--God isn't omniscient, as in, knows absolutely everything?

--God isn't omnipresent, as in, is capable of being absolutely anywhere, anytime?

What if:

--In order for free will to exist, God, in bringing the universe into being, had to give up omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence?

--In order for love to exist, free will has to first exist?

--Free will necessarily includes the potential for evil and injustice to flourish?

What if:

--Getting to Heaven isn't a matter of belonging to a certain religion or practicing a religious faith of any kind, but finding one's purpose, one's calling, and pursuing that to the greatest possible degree that one is capable of?

--There isn't a Hell for those who refuse to do that, but simple Oblivion--nonexistence?

--Faith were properly measured as the honest, authentic effort expended in getting to Heaven by those means?

In Angel and its upcoming sequel, I explore these questions, and more. What if angels did come to Earth to help people? What if they came here to exact justice as well upon the wicked? What if they looked just like you and me, but had much great power to affect change?

In Angel, an intransigent, bitter materialist is met by an angel named Calliel, who was sent to save him before he died. In the sequel, we follow our saved materialist, now an angel himself, on his first mission back to Earth. It isn't an easy assignment: he has been tasked by God to save a sixteen-year-old girl, a math prodigy, from her family and church. Her father regularly incests her, and the church is a fundamentalistic nightmare of Christian dogma and intolerance.

There are no flowery sermons in these books, no tiresome quoting of Scripture, no gentle halos of light or sugary platitudes. This isn't Touched by an Angel. In these books God sees humanity as a species that is increasingly soul-dead save for a dwindling population who refuse to go along and get along, who pursue their callings even though the society they live in actively works to destroy them for doing precisely that. The God in these books isn't averse to doing some Old Testament smiting.

These books, therefore, refute the tired bromide that people are essentially good, or that they mean well, or that to be saved requires nothing more than standing in line on occasion to receive a wafer and sip of grape juice, or simply believing in something, or belonging to the "right" political party or attending the "right" church, or by not having sex before marriage or swearing, or any number of other ridiculous, infantile beliefs.

I've pulled no punches in the writing of these books, and offer no apologies to those offended by them. I am very proud of both of them, and plan to continue the series indefinitely. In my own small, obscure way, it's my attempt to be a contrarian voice to the alt-right fundamentalistic lunacy currently holding some of the biggest megaphones in our society, and to counter the other giant megaphones held by materialists, suburbans, solipsists, nihilists, white-lighties, and post-modernists.

You can read both for free simply by emailing me with the request. Otherwise, and very helpfully, you could pay for them at your favorite retailer. Together they'll run you less than the cost of a large mocha and a bagel with cream cheese at Starbucks.

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