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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

With Respect to You

It’s there for everyone to see,
but no one notices it.
It’s beautiful—a mishmash of greens,
blues, purples, reds, yellows, and whites.
I take good care of it—as I do every year.
And yet it goes utterly ignored by everyone
who walks by.

Does that mean it’s worthless?
Does that mean my efforts to take care of it
are meaningless?
Does that mean I’m worthless and meaningless?
Because winter is coming soon and will reduce it
to barren, lifeless stalks, does that mean it was fruitless
to grow it in the first place?

Of course not.

Who are you to look in the face of eternity and
proclaim knowledge of its infinite wonders,
of its infinite outcomes, its infinite consequences,
its branches of branches of branches?
Who are you to declare that because you
find something worth zero time or attention that it in fact is?
Who are you to think that you know what’s important?

Worthless? Meaningless? Barren? Lifeless? Fruitless?
I suspect the measure of each is directly correlated
with how much you agree with them.
But with respect to you, not my garden.


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