Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What Are He & His Supporters Making Great Again?

It's that sense of collapsing sanity,
like I'm being sucked into a black hole of lunacy.
I feel it.
I see it.
I hear it.
It's in the videos and the quotes and the tweets.
Those infernal, soul-crushing tweets.

It tugs at me, harder and harder,
tearing at me, pulling me apart,
ripping my spirit,
my faith
more and more each day.

What is in people's souls?
Ding! Ding! We have our answer!
There it is on full display.
They wear it on their sleeves now he's in office.
Like it's something to be proud of!
Like it's something to stand up for!

Now he's in office they feel entirely justified
in burning and terrorizing and shooting
and assaulting and banning and taking away and deporting and tiki-torching.
Now he's in office they have leeched onto to their Twitters and Facebooks,
and there they spray their hate-vomit, and greedily lick more up.
Now he's in office they scream about having the exclusive Caucasian love
of a Prophet who wasn't Caucasian,
and who would recoil in horror at their soullessness,
their divisiveness, their callous cruelty, their inhuman apathy.
Now he's in office they can bleach this gloriously prismatic land
and sell it off to the filthy-oily while baking in the ever-hotter
sun that isn't hotter, they proclaim.
No, that's not settled science.

What are they making great again?
Their delusions, surely.
Their hatred, absolutely.
Their ignorance, without a doubt.
Their cruelty. Oh yes.

But America?
America was already great.

Now he's in office ...
          now he's in office ...
                    Sweet Jesus ...
                              now that monster is in office ...

 ... that measure only applies to how far we have since fallen,
and to the measure of the gravity of that lunatic white-hole.
It's one we have, each of us, chosen for ourselves.
For our children.
For the dying world they will inherit--and not want, and will surely curse.
God love them and keep them.
Bigly. Greatly.


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