Monday, May 21, 2018

Check Out the Cover to the Next Novel in Melody and the Pier to Forever!

Kye says this is her favorite cover so far of mine. I have to admit I really like it as well.

It features one of the warships of the Saeire Insu--the Failure. You may think that an odd and potentially portentous thing to call a ship. I suppose it is.

It is a rogue warship, meaning that its mission is to push ahead of the Saeire Insu advance across Aquanus and create as much havoc as possible against the overwhelming Imperial navy. Since the Revolution began, that was what it was doing, and doing it very well. But urgent orders from King's Perch thousands of misons distant have them on a new mission--to track down and capture an Imperial fastboat sailing with all speed towards Aquanicentra. The fastboat has a Dreamcatcher aboard with potentially devastating secrets that could destroy the Revolution and ultimately doom everyone on Aquanus and Earth.

The Failure, by virtue of its position, is the only one close enough to stop the fastboat. The problem is, it isn't a fastboat, and the Imperial Dreamcatcher is extremely dangerous. Even if they capture it, they may not be able to stop the Dreamcatcher from destroying them all.

I'm twenty chapters into the writing of this tale, which has proven to be the most challenging of the entire story arc so far. I figure I've got something like ten chapters remaining. The deep edits of the manuscript will be, shall we say, interesting.

As far as a release date, I probably couldn't even venture a guess at this point. Almost certainly it will be sometime later in 2019. I'm concurrently writing Book Three, the next novel in the series after it. I'm ten chapters in with Book Three, with probably forty to go.

Melody and the Pier to Forever is a Life Project. It's everything I am, everything I can put into a project. It's the touchstone of all my other writing. It is the grove of mighty redwoods under which all my other works can resides in peace and safety. I'm in the fifteenth year of its creation. It's a work that gives the reader a complete world--Aquanus--and the many heroes who help make Melody's task possible, if not successful. Without them she would have no hope.

That's why these companion novels exist. Because the heroes brought to life inside the pages of each are just as important in many ways as our "main" hero. Their sacrifices, their challenges, their decisions pave the road for Melody towards her inevitable confrontation with Necrolius Anaxagorius.

I very much appreciate those of you who have read all of these novels as they've been released. There aren't many of you. Your devotion means more to me than I could ever tell you. Thank you.

As for the rest of you, I'd love it if you joined us on the Pier to Forever, or continued on your trek along it. I am confident you'll feel it is more than worth your time.


And now ...


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