Thursday, May 10, 2018

In Praise of the Ethereal, Atmospheric Music of Louisa John-Krol

North From Crissey Field
Southwestern Oregon USA

Update: Kye and I have her new Elderbrook LP! We've only had the opportunity to listen to it twice (we don't have a CD player in the TARDIS, so we listen to it while driving up the world-class Oregon coast), but we can say without hesitation that it's absolutely superlative. My initial reaction to it came down to two words: impeccable and gorgeous. If you have the opportunity to purchase it, take it! Like us, you'll be instantly captured. That doesn't happen often, so when it does, we really take notice.

Louisa's novel of the same name will be released soon, we hope!


Kye and I love listening to Louisa John-Krol's music while driving. It's such a great fit for Oregon's spectacular coastline, forests, streams, rain, falling leaves, the highway, and the briney-piney air that I'm amazed that it wasn't written specifically for these environs.

I'm no music expert; I couldn't break down chord progressions or layering or any of the techno-whiz-bang details that makes something appealing to me when it comes to a song or an album, so you won't find that in this post. As a total layperson, but someone who listens to music probably eight or ten hours every day, I can only talk about what moves me, what makes my spirit inhale and smile, or perhaps brings it into a darker, moodier, more somber place. It's all about the moving. And Louisa John-Krol's compositions move me.

For me, that's saying something. So little does, be it in literature, film, art, or music. So much creative effort by people is undertaken not for the sheer love of it, the stretching into the depths of imagination and being, the poetic walks into the woods, the prayers, the soul-searching, the spaces in the back of your mind where memory and the quantum foam generate new possibilities. Most creative effort is undertaken for profit and clicks, for fame and the shallow who embrace them. Sometimes those efforts manage, against the odds, to create something of value. But most times it is noise, undifferentiated from the rest, crass and obnoxious ("millennial whoop," anyone?).

That isn't Louisa John-Krol's music. It is, to me, both airy and earthy, real and imaginary, restful and pensive, sprightly and playful. Often within the same minute. It's absolutely perfect for trips through the coast redwoods--

or sunset over the Pacific--

or in simple contemplation of life.

For me as well, Louisa' music is perfect for writing. One of her songs, "Paint the Wind," is so spot-on for Yaeko that it seems almost impossible that she didn't write it for her. "Paint the Wind" remains for that reason my absolute favorite of Louisa's. I think I listen to it a dozen times a month.

Pop by her website. It's amazing. Take a look around. You'll love it. She's an extraordinarily talented individual.

Give yourself a gift today. Listen to Louisa John-Krol's ethereal, atmospheric music.

You're welcome.



  1. Thank you Shawn for your eloquent words of praise. It means a lot to me, because I already follow your blog, finding solace in your wisdom on creativity, politics and life in general. At some point I'll be concocting a more detailed endorsement of your writing, but for now am just sharing this gratitude and respect in brief, with fey appreciation from South-Eastern Australia. We'll also be linking to your appraisal as a review at our website. Warm regards, Louisa


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