Sunday, April 29, 2018

What Kind of World Are We Giving Them?

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Written after Trump abandoned the Paris Climate Accords.
It is even more relevant today than it was on that sad day.


Paris was abandoned today.
The world was abandoned today.
The fact-free herd is celebrating today.
Here I am, contemplating my mortality.
I do that often. Perhaps it is commonplace once you
race by your fiftieth year.
Perhaps it’s a good thing.
I never had children.
I never had the means with which to raise them.
I never had the weakness of spirit needed to give up
my wishes and desires in order to gather the means
with which to raise them.
Even so, I can’t help but look at other people’s children and wonder:
What kind of world are we giving them?
How is it that I, a childless man, care more about children than
those herd animals who had those children?
How can those herd animals, who voted for bloated and orange,
even look at their children today?
What kind of person could do that and wish to remain alive?
What will happen when those children grow up?
Those children ... who were raised by bloated-orange-voting herd animals ...
Will they, like their parents, also turn their backs on the world that gave them
their very existence?
Will there even be a world to spurn?


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