Friday, July 20, 2018

What or Whom Do You Worship?

If you didn't vote, or voted third-party, you are just as guilty for the evils visiting Americans
as the Republicans perpetrating them.
That's just the way it is.

I'm only asking because Donald Trump, as should be obvious to anyone with a pulse, worships money and power.

Here's the thing: you worship something or someone too. Every human being capable of rational thought does, no exceptions.

Here's the part where you tell me you're a Christian, and so worship Christ. Chances are excellent that's a pile of horseshit. Your affiliation with a religion has little bearing on what or whom you actually worship. If you're an atheist or agnostic, you worship something or someone too. Like I said, every human being capable of rational thought worships something or someone, no exceptions.

So again I ask: What or whom do you worship? Think about it for a second, won't you?

If you look at this past presidential election, now more than a year and a half distant, and ask that question of the American people, what do you suppose the answer might be? Again, as a reminder, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a substantial margin. In general, do you suppose it'd be safe to say that those things or beings Clinton supporters worship are likely far different than those of Trump supporters? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say yes.

Trump worships money and power. Both are utterly unworthy of worship. As "president," his worship has manifested in every action he takes, as it does for everyone. As it does for you.

I have long maintained that if the human species is to survive even to see the next century, a spiritual revolution must take place. This question--What or whom do you worship?--is central to that revolution. You need not be a believer for this question to apply to you. Don't insist that the word 'spiritual' is necessarily religious; it isn't. Read Albert Einstein or Carl Sagan or even Stephen Hawking if you don't believe me. All three are, in their own ways, deeply spiritual men, even if that's not the term they'd use.

If you're like Oink Trump and you worship money and power, then you are a serious, cancerous, grotesque part of the problem. It is time for you to grow up. It is time for you to evolve. If you want a revolution, then this is absolutely the first question you must ask yourself; and it must be asked as honestly and unflinchingly as possible. If you want a revolution, then here is where it must start.

Get to work. Right now.


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