Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Time Has Come to Correctly and Permanently Brand the National Rifle Association as a Domestic Terrorist Organization

Note: I will continue to repost this until the NRA is indeed branded a domestic terrorist organization. If that means forever, fine.

Latest vile news: The NRA is now scrubbing the grades they assign to politicians from its website in order to benefit the politicians up for election who take their blood money. 


To every member of Congress I say this: If the NRA has given you a grade of anything other than a big red F, know that your job is in direct and dire jeopardy. Know it. We are coming for you.

To my fellow Americans, know this: the NRA is a racist organization, with racist roots. To my fellow Americans, know this is well: Your inaction is complicity with that racism. Your silence is approval of that racism. Worse, both are nods from you for innocent children to continue to be slaughtered in (ostensible) places of learning. Your "thoughts and prayers" are not action. Your "thoughts and prayers" are in reality excuses to continue to be slothful and ignorant, and therefore just as evil, in the end, as any killer with a high-powered weapon. For your useless "thoughts and prayers" are little more than porous verbal coffins for the bloodied dead.

If you voted for Trump, you voted directly for this kind of carnage, and are responsible for it. Trump received over $30 million from that repugnant organization. They, and Russia, utterly own his bloated ass. Your vote was profoundly immoral. Have the stones to admit it.

The same goes for everyone who voted third party or sat the election out. You too are responsible for the carnage, for your stupidity ultimately put Trump into office.

As for Democrats, we are by no means off the hook either. The reason? Our spinelessness over the years has had a direct and bloody hand in these massacres. Our refusal to fight, to go toe to toe and not back down with the NRA and Republican sociopaths who regularly fellate them, has led to these monstrosities and their evil actions. We keep electing to office pussies and enablers, wimps and equivocators, turn-coats and wafflers. Our behavior is inexcusable and unforgivable. 

Stuff your "thoughts and prayers" straight up your overprivileged ass. This isn't God's problem or doing. We did this to ourselves, and so it's up to us to fix it. Got it?

We're in the bottleneck, folks. If we aren't willing to fight, to take to the streets, to speak truth to power, given all that's on the line, then I can guarantee you this: the human species won't make it to 2100 AD. Frankly, we won't deserve to.

It's time for revolution. It's time!


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