Monday, May 28, 2018

How Did This Happen? On This Memorial Day, Let Us Recall, and Vow Never to Forget!

How did this happen? On this Memorial Day, as we also honor our fallen troops, let us recall.

With the help of Russia, and possibly other foreign powers, along with Facebook, Twitter, the mainstream media, Bernie bots, third-party voters, and those who didn't vote at all, as well as a vile cabal of money launderers, bribers, power brokers, and other traitorous scum, Donald Trump stole the presidency of the United States November 8, 2016.

Hillary Clinton is the true president of the United States. Let us all remember that today, and resolve never to forget it.

I fear that if we do forget it, next year's Memorial Day will be one in which we remember the passing of the Constitution of the United States to a despot, his illegitimate and illegal rule, and to his unthinking hordes of bigots, propagandists, baby-snatching ICE agents, and a Republican Congress so willing, so desperate, to blow him at every opportunity that they haven't yet wiped the last effluent off their chin from his latest Twittergasm.

May God watch over us, and protect us from this pathetic little man and his unthinking, soulless hordes. Amen.


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