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Want to Play a Writing Game?

Single Paragraph
(That'll be my name for it--for now)

Here's how it's played.

1. You or I write a single paragraph for a fiction story, genre to be determined by the author. It could be a line (or two, or ten, whatever) of description, say, or maybe a line (or two, or ten, whatever) of dialogue, or some narration or action or exposition. It doesn't matter. It can come at the ostensible beginning, middle, or end of a chapter, short story, or novel. That doesn't matter either. What does matter is that it is a single paragraph and no more.

2. Once you write that paragraph, it's my turn. I'll write a single paragraph either before yours or after. I may add dialogue, or introduce a character, or offer some description. Again, whatever.

3. It's your turn again. Or perhaps another contributor wants to add a single paragraph. He or she may add some dialogue, or a scene of description, or some action. They may add it anywhere except at the beginning, middle, or end of another's paragraph.

4. If you're the author--you started the process--you may accept or reject a contributor's paragraph, but you cannot edit it. It's a 1 or a 0: accept it or reject it. If you reject it, do so nicely. Don't make suggestions for what you want. That would defeat the purpose of the game!

5. Past a certain point--say, a thousand words--the author must claim the work as it stands. It will be his or hers and his or hers alone. He or she will own the copyright and may do with it as he or she pleases, including at that point editing the words any contributors added. Since this is my game and my idea, if I author any of these submissions, let's call them, I will always attempt to give them to a contributor (they may not want the submission in question). I won't claim any for my own unless no one else wants them.

6. Since this is my game and my idea, I'll use Google Drive for the submissions. Spammers, flamers, and trolls aren't welcome to visit or to play!

7. Probably the best way to learn about the parameters of this game is simply to play it, so let's jump in! I'll get the ball rolling. Below is a link to the first submission. Go ahead and add a single paragraph to my contribution!

Single Paragraph relies on the good will, creativity, and teamwork of others to bring into life a brief (and, hopefully, wonderful!) snippet of fiction. Let's have some fun!


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