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I'm looking for:
  • Thoughtful artists of every stripe
  • Thoughtful commenters
  • Thoughtful appreciators (as opposed to mindless consumers)
I'm looking for:
  • Rebels
  • Nonconformists
  • Those who fight every day to be true to themselves and their art
I'm looking for:
  • A quiet community of contributors who support each other
  • A digital safe haven from the 100-decibel insanity found virtually everywhere else
  • Serious and committed individuals eager to change their own little corner of the world
Is this you? Then let's talk. My email address is Feel free to drop me a line and tell me about yourself. I won't add you at that point; my hope is that you'll be patient enough to allow me to respond and get to know you a little before moving forward. I'm quite serious about building a digital community, and that can't happen without getting to know folks first. So get bold and audacious and write me and let's get started, what do you say?


Current Contributors

Shawn Michel de Montaigne
KJH Cardinalis
Jordan Trepte